I think the watch list system is quite simple, and somewhat handy. You have three differetn things you can watch,
1. Watch a particular fourm, - when you click on a fourm off the main list, there is a drop down button called 'forum options' click it and select 'add to watched forums' the screen will change to a confirmation that the forum is added and it returns you to the forum page. LET THE PAGE REDIRECT YOU OTHERWISE IT DOESNT ADD TO YOUR WATCHED LIST.

2.Watch a particular topic- Again at the top of the page there is a drop down button now called TOPIC OPTIONS press this and select ' add to your watched topics' the screen will again change and display a confirmation message, LET IT REDIRECT YOU BACK.

3. Watch a particular user/member - On any off the topic screens, click on a users name and a drop down menu appears select the 'Add to watched users' Screen changes and displays confirmation and redirects you back to the previous page you were on.

Now in your Watch list....

Access this from the 'My Stuff' tab at top of page, Select 'my stuff--->watch lists... The page will change and you will now have your 3 watch types in link buttons, You can edit and review each of your option with the edit button on the right side of the page. It pretty easy to figure out from there, but if not PM me and ill explain any particular part in detail.

See what bordom brings, i think i know most of the little things on this site, many a night spent just fiddlein around the site not able to sleep..

Hope this helps someone.....


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