I have a problem with anything that keeps me thinking I am a victim. Sure I was abused and therefore a victim. But to keep me in the mindset of victim-ology is wrong, especially since I'm saved and forgiven. The victim mentality keeps the abuse fresh in my mind and thus a slave to the abuse. I have accepted God's gift of free salvation grace and mercy.
As since you have accepted Gods forgiveness,ask His help to stop mast. then the guilt will leave and you may find you m. less often. It is the guilt from Satan that keeps you a slave to it. It took me years to come to this truth and as soon as I did, the m. slowed and I am not doing it but once or twice a month if that often. I ask His forgiveness and then forgive me, and THEN I MOVE ON. The guilt is gone, why? If God has forgiven me who am I to not forgive me as well?
To put it more plainly quit killing yourself over a habit. Move on with your life.

Hate destroys not the hated but, the hater.