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I personally wouldn't trust a "survivor" on here with the refference of "jock" to carry a conversation with it just sounds like a personal ad' username. I hope other people think this way to.


That is true for me as well. I don't mind guys who are athletic and human. It's the ones that think they're all that and want the world to know it that bug the hell outa me.

There are certain things that just tip a person off that something might be amiss with various users, names containing "jock" being one for many here. A big key to safety on this site is learning how to use care when interacting. You're safe here no matter what unless you give away personally identifiable information about yourself, something we discourage big time and with good reason. Everyone's safety is the first priority.

This site is designed for users to be able to share the things that hurt the most, to speak the unspeakable, to find brothers here who know and understand, and it can be done in total anonymity and safety when users are careful about the kind of information the are willing to give out.

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