john, i'm very glad you made this topic sticky. it still boggles my mind from a moderators perspective, how many people just give out their personal info to total strangers simply because someone cozies up to them, makes them feel warm, and acts like their long lost 'friend'. how many of us are so starved for intimacy, that these overtures are sorely welcome?

i reiterate what john said. if anyone approaches you in chat THE FIRST THING YOU SHOULD DO is check their profile! look at their registration date, and see what kind of posts they are making. if there are no posts, then chances are you are taking a BIG risk in sharing your private info with them. How do you know who or what you are getting yourself into? How can these types of offers bring you closer to recovery? it is NOT necessary to meet these strangers off site. our chat module is open 24/7. think about it!

and to reiterate what the guidelines say, it is in your best interest to wait at least three months before exchanging any type of personal info BASED ON THEIR ON-SITE COMMUNICATIONS.

please play it safe, love yourself responsibly. to borrow a phrase, heal well.


Ron Schulz, MSPC, NCC