Hi Everybody,

We usually deal with these situations behind the scenes, but this is a case where we feel you need to be warned. There is an Internet troll who has been caught here and banned several times over the years for using the MS facilities to engage in online predatory behavior. This user was apprehended this morning attempting to engage users in his inappropriate behaviors. We have specific information on his activities under these screen names:

Good Fellow

Other aliases used by this person are:


All of these accounts have been permanently banned at one time or another. Please watch out for any user names which seem similar to these. If you see something that strikes you as suspicious please report it to a moderator immediately so we can deal with the situation.

Please bear in mind also that any attempt to hook up with you or take you off-site in a sexual context can never be meant with your own interests and healing at heart. Anyone who does this to you is simply trying to exploit, deceive and manipulate you all over again, and the impact on a struggling survivor can be very serious. This is one of the main reasons why we urge you to refrain from giving or asking for off-site contact details until you have been here at least three months and are getting to know and trust people.

Do be careful, as always when you are online, but at the same time please don't take this advisory as cause for alarm. These cases are few and far between and the ModTeam is experienced in dealing with them. If you have any questions please let us know.

For the Mod/Admin team