I have received the following email and confirmed with the law firm that a class action is being looked into by the firm, Burke O'Neil LLC.

Please be sure you have support of your local network and therapeutic professionals if you consider joining this process. It is a difficult decision and one not to be taken lightly. This is being provided so you have information. We are not saying this is something our members should pursue, that is a very personal decision and we honor and support whatever decison you make for yourself.

Attorney for US Military Rape Victims Looking Into Class Action Law Suit

Victims of US Military Rapes, Torture and Murder Have Attorney for Class Action Law Suit



An attorney (Susan Burke from DC who has brought lawsuits for torture victims of US government and against KBR, and Blackwater) is coming to PHX July 10th as well as investigators who will be looking into a Class Action Lawsuit for military sexual trauma...I am looking for men or women (spouses and children of military, this includes civilians raped, abused, by former military to include those whose loved ones have been raped, murdered by former US military) who have been abused, raped, etc while in or associated to the US military or who has witnessed such cases. We are also looking for authors or experts in the field to help to stop the craziness of the rapes, now rapes and murders within the military.
If you have clients or experts outside of Phoenix please contact.....
Investigator for Susan is :
Barbara Dalton at www:piila.com
Her email is Dalton@piila.com
If you have legitimate clients in Arizona please have them contact me, or attend a meeting on Friday, July 10 at 9 am a meeting with the attorney and investigators at the Embassy Suite- Biltmore Hotel on Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ. Initiate interviews will be set up with those who would like to speak to the investigators as part of the case(s) of the law suit are gathered.
Investigators will be back to PHX as many times as necessary, and I am sure there will be other places are the US that they will visit repeating this process.
I would hope you would be willing to forward out this information to victims and potential clients since WE not have for the 1st time a significant ability to STOP the ABUSES within the US military. We need your help to stop the crazy making!
Can you call me at 602.374.7375
On July 10th (morning) beginning at 9 am there will be an initial meeting with Susan Burke and her two initial investigators to introduce themselves and give their history, what they have in mind and what they are working on a Class Action law suit for the rape of military women. It is my hope that as Susan gets into it she will see the connections between the cases of rape, abuse, mental, emotional abuses etc....against all military men, women, kids, spouses and citizens.
Attorney and investigators will be here July 10th. with investigators interviews on Sat, Sunday, Monday and possibly Tuesday to BEGIN dates of interviews are Saturday July, Sunday July 11, Monday July 12, and possibility Tuesday July 13.
Please contact me on my gmail account at dorothyhmackey@gmail.com if your clients will be attending or have them contact directly Barbara Dalton.
Initial interview slots will be given 1/2 a day per person to share whatever they would like with investigators. Each person interviewed can bring any person they need as support. Female vets will be there who have been through these offenses, as well as I plan to be there as a former commander with a counseling background, and with a great deal of spiritual counseling to affirm both ones strength and to support their need to vet, and let go of the anguish that they have been holding denied to speak, or get justice by the US military and this nation to date.
The investigators will be coming back and are from LA, so they can come back as many times as needed for others information.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Rev. Dorothy Mackey
STAAAMP, Inc Exec Director
Former USAF Captain and Commander
call please....602.374.7375

Ken Followell

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