Now, I'm not sure if this statement leaves us Queers in a safe place or just totally discounted.

im not sure there is anything wrong with gay indivuals wanting kids,...it seems i know many who want children and have them,...the desire to procreate appears to be there...regardless of ones actual attractions.

though you many not be directly trying to simulate a vagina in your mind, while you masterbate...what you are thinking about is irrelevant to the mechanics of the act itself, the penis requires stimulation to reach orgasm so that the ejaculate reaches its goal..the egg...you can put your sperm in a petri dish with an egg,..and they are going after it and will fertilize that egg...and no amount of sexual attractions you have toward males is going to change that fact...you are still "biologically" heterosexual, because you are born with a penis and all the associated physical structures to make procreation possible...but its not a moral judgment Joel...im not saying there is anything wrong with being gay or that just because your biological function is inconsistent with your sexual attractions there is something wrong with you,...it is what it is...its a purely biological fact of life...dont turn it into a crime...accept it...its a wonderful beautiful thing...the whole process....no one is saying that you "have to" think about vaginas...lol..at least I'm not.

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