Sexualy abused childern learn "survival skills" to protect themselves emotionally and physically.
"nothing is happening to me"
"I won't let it bother me"
Carring these patterns into adult life,
the results can be,
"loyal beyond reason to people who don't deserve their trust"
"trouble recognizing or showing emotions"
"I wish I knew what I feel"

I had been a married man's sex object for some time, one can say pedophilia.
In time a pedofile lifestyle was not doing the job, so after bleeding from being used because of a lost of control or urge.
Inappropriate sexual outlet even for a juvenile to fear about and would want to do something about it. da
Telling my Dad what happened didn't get any where, so I was telling this guy's wife, that he was having sex with me and even taking pictures of me in the act, telling her where to find them also, to prove to her what I was saying was true, because telling one adult already who had a hard time believing what I was saying.
She takes off, with all the furniture in the house and every thing else not nailed down and file's for a devorce from him and leaves.
Then this guy is mad at this boy who told his wife about what he is doing and then she leaves him because of it, "REVENGE" is going through this adult mad man, ie... after drinking and then I get sodomized violently and bleeding again for telling.
By this time, no one is saying anything, mums the word, everyone wanted to believe nothing happened and after a day or two this teenager belived nothing happened also.

After years, I've come to know that I have survived sexual abuse and childern don't have to live like that, and with therapy and with a doctor because of needing help, believe me I know.
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