Hi all,

It is a delight to introduce myself to such a wonderful, courageous group of fellow human beings who can relate to my story without judgment or labeling and for that, I am grateful!

I survived years of sexual abuse at the hands of 17 perpetrators. Most of my abuse happened in childhood 6-16, and in early adulthood, I was accosted and violated by several clergy after they became aware of my childhood issues.

Today, I have peace in my life. Time is a great healer and to be active on a personal as well as professional level with survivors is a plus in my recovery! I was active in SIA in my hometown for a number of years until the chapter closed.

I joined this site for fellowship and to offer hope to those who might be feeling the need to borrow a portion of my hope, please feel free to borrow hope( for years I lived on borrowed hope)...the more I give away, the more I have, interesting how that all works!

That is it for the intro for now. I am looking forward to the communication and support I have already witnessed as I browsed the various posts.

Thanks for having me and thanks for being here, a light in the darkness for many men looking to thrive on wings as eagles and experience an abundant, freedom-filled life!

Sincere hugs,

Ok to be me !

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