Little Teds Nursery in Plymouth is under child porn probe- nursery worker found with child porn images.

Teds Nursery- abuse?

Teds Nursery-child porn probe
(with press sonnference video- although it seems to be loading slowly)

"During a press conference held at Crownhill police station this morning Chief Supt Jim Webster, commander of Plymouth police, admitted a number of items had been seized as part of the investigation including a disc which contained “more than a dozen” images of “a serious nature”.

Chief Supt Webster admitted officers were not just searching the properties for further photographic evidence, but also to determine whether any of the images could have been taken at the nursery itself."

"She said the nursery had around 60 children on its register with ages ranging from babies to four-year-olds."

"He said the images were of “young children, pornographic, illegal images and sufficiently concerning that we’ve mounted the investigation overnight.”"


I strongly feel that this case should be taken with an extra hard iron fist- this woman needs to be made an example of. There is a chance that many children were abused here, and if that is so this is not going to be an easy thing to sort out.