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Hello! I requested that my son's Dr. write a letter to the school to make them understand what he is going through. They mentioned putting him in "special" classes next year and I will not allow it because he does not have a learning issue, he has a VISION issue that is effecting his ability to learn. Let me know what you think...


Following is the letter written by the specialist working with Didi's son. I quote this letter with Didi's permission.

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To Whom It May Concern:

Anonymous_boy was seen in my office for a visual-motor analysis and subsequently referred for a visual-perceptual examination and vision therapy.

His diagnoses include Accommodative Esotropia and Oculomotor Dysfunction. Either of these medical diagnoses, individually, would affect Anonymous_boy’s ability to obtain maximum academic achievement, and combined they potentially create problems in his ability to receive, process, and utilize visual information. Since 80% of learning that occurs during childhood is accomplished through the visual sense it is essential that you understand what he is experiencing and that you assist and support him in the classroom throughout his therapy program.

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