hi, my names j. i am currently going through a seperation with my wife which all started as my past caugt up with me. i have had to cancel all my T appointments as i've lost my car and i have no way of getting there. i have only 1 friend and he doesn't live anywhere near me. i will be going to the police re my abusers soon. i just want some friends and i know that might make me sound like a loser (not denying it) but i really do need some good friends. im told im very good looking but i havn't got the confidence to go with it. i have absolutely no self esteem so going out and making friends becomes one of the hardest tasks out there. i prefer talking to women, it is incrdeibly hard for me to talk to other men about my past (i have only ever spoken to 1) which goes to show just how desperate i am for a friend.
So if your from anywhere near b-ham (Smethwick, West Brom, Walsall etc)would love to go for a drink or a meal or a smoke sometime (i do love to smoke).
please let me know.

Your loser,

J Baby. x