Survivorship: 49 Daily Guidelines for Sex Crime Survivors

Guidelines that give remedy for issues and conditions unique among male and female sexual assault survivors.
Personal post-assault trauma varies between individuals, is multi-faceted, difficult for victims to discuss and "it takes one to help one" kind of peer support.
Sexuality is instinctive, when altered and redirected by sexual abuse, of any form, the results are baffling for the survivor.
No matter the level of violence or coericion, whether brethen or stranger, the impact of sexual abuse is permanent. After the assault an unwanted bond forms between the victim and lowlife predator; slowly leeching the survivors essence, unapparent to others, wrecking havoc with sexual satisfaction domestic life and mental health.
These forty-nine guidelines link readers with their own recovery, restoration, rehabilitation, and restoration of spirit, mind, body and sexuality.
They address:
-Daily maintenance for post-assault trauma
-Neverending affects
-Instant remedies and spot check assessments
-Balance of spirit, mind and body
-Starting out and staying in Survivorship
-Anger mismanagement repairs
-Hurry up and wait or be late syndrome
-Internal stress and external triggers
-Self-esteem and self-image
-Analyzing the positive side
-Personal spirituality
-Back to square one; peace, understanding and comfort...

*Note: The long version, not posted, is a non-graphic yet non-superficial narrative interpretation of each guideline.

-PEACE,The Spirit
-COMFORT, The Body

S-Stop or slow down
U-Useless efforts identified
R-Remember, you may be wrong
V-Vent frustration in a healthy manner
I-Is it all worth it?
V-Valuable mental capacity and energy loss
O-Overreaction: the source of emotional detonation
R-Remain positive, acknowledge negativity
S-Say it; do I really want to go there
H-Holding everything in won't help either
I-Imagine your spirit, mind and body as a compass
P-Peace, understanding and comfort...

L-Live each day better than the last
O-Obsess on what feels good, not the bad
N-Newly acquired mental evolution
G-Growing is going, stagnant is a magnet
T-The rewards of triumph are located beyond the pitfalls of
E-Experience this moment not the next
R-Realize you used to be worse
M-Maintain your self

C-Collect your thoughts and emotions
A-Arrangements are made internally not externally
L-Listen to your self
M-Mania is acknowledged, management begins

--PEACE, The Spirit--
P-Present becomes precious
E-Ease enters the mind and body
A-Allow time to take it's time
C-Choose what you want to feel; not do
E-Enlightenment and wholeness transpires

U-Unnecessary mental dialogue detection
N-Negative perception alarm
D-Depressive, repressive and suppressive thinking
E-Emotional leash
R-Respond not react
S-So what sometimes
T-Travel the easy less stressful route
A-Absolutely, laugh at yourself
N-Notice something beautiful each day as much as possible
D-Don't self-medicate too much
I-Input and output
N-Negotiate obstacles
G-Give yourself forewarning

--COMFORT, The Body--
C-Compose yourself
O-Off the chart
M-Mental relaxation, the body will follow
F-Freedom has a price; forgiveness
O-On the beam
R-Recycle in the morning
T-Tranquility vs. turmoil

*Excerpt: long version for; CURB,

--R-Resentments identified and acknowledged--
Blame and justification, like trophies on a shelf, I had resentments and negative life scenarios. Wrongs polished and worn like merit badges.
I listed on paper and perceived resentments associated with the abduction and post-assault years as energy that interfered with internal harmony. I could no longer nourish down dragging forces keeping me from survivorship.
The power changed when I considered them useless mental weight, a waste of capacity and a burden within.
If I wanted success I needed to embrace and accept them as part of what makes me who and what I am, not letting them hinder my life. I chose to keep the resentments and negative verbal memories, in proper perspective, as part of my life and share the knowledge with non-victims and survivors of sexual abuse.

*Excerpt: long version for; SURVIVORSHIP,

--I-Imagine your spirit, mind and body as a compass
There is an awesome universal power, a continual momentum and it will gyrate no matter what efforts I inject to control it's destiny. I can seek and go with that power or concentrate on my energy driven self. When I fixate on my self the compass needle spins eratically and direction is lost, thus polarity takes place within my spirit, mind and body.

*Excerpt: long version from:
----70 Guidelines for Hostage Rape Torture/Survival

--P-Peace, understanding and comfort. Living daily without
continued self-revictimization. Identifying helpful and
hurtful thinking/behavior. Acknowledging instinctive
negative reactions to internal/external stimuli.--
A constant effort chasing serenity was over. It cost me unbelieveable amounts of stability to escape inner conflict after the abduction. I finally hit the bullseye, yet without understanding I could never live in comfort.
I searched and entered a new realm of thinking in my conscious and subconscious mind.
I reviewed my station in life and concluded I was a success.
I survived and had exactly what I wanted for a very long time.
I didn't find peace, understanding and comfort; I created it.


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