Last night our local news reported that the two dioceses (sp?) in our state were going to "root out gay priests so that there would not be any more pedophilia." The thought apparently is that gay priests are the problem.

I may be confused, but my main perp identified as heterosexual (he told me I was homosexual and wanted him). The perps of the others in my support group also self-identified as heterosexual. I personally identify as bisexual and have no inclination to abuse younger people, nor did any of the gay friends I had in college. Pedophilia in my understanding is a separate issue from homosexuality or bisexuality.

A study sponsored by the New York State Educational System stated that over 90% of child sexual abusers in education identified as straight. So where does the church get by "rooting out" homosexual priests it will stop pedophilia?

I don't get this...Is this just me that has a problem with this?

Just asking,
Jim C.

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