This has really freaked me out and I'd like to know what everyone thinks.
Earlier today I was grocery shopping. I saw some random kid in his soccer uniform with his mum. Nothing unususal about that. But for some reason something felt wrong with the picture. I put it down to me being paranoid and forgot about it. Later this evening while i was in the shower,(why does this always happen to me in the shower?) i was hit with a memory that I have never had before. I have very few memories of my childhood as i suffer from a dissociative state and most of it is missing.(I say most, but really mean all, but for a few scraps.)
Ok so its the first day at a new school and I'm about 10. While playing soccer during recess I take a very powerful shot to the head from the ball and I guess am partially stunned. One of the teachers leads me from the field to the school sick room. He checks me for concussion which I don't have. This is where the memory gets scary. Then he quickly checks the rest of me, running his hands all over me, inside my clothes. He says I'll be fine and should just rest quietly till class starts. Thats where the memory ends.
This is the first time I have ever had this memory. I have immense trouble dealing with the stuff that I know about, that happened to me as a child. Because there is so much missing, are there more repressed memories hiding in there somewhere? The really terrifying part is that the stuff that I know about is horrifying. Could my head be full of stuff that is even worse? I'm really scared.