hello sleepy and zealander:

i too have a problem with masturbation and pornography. i was emotionally incested by my mother for some 35 years and for the same amount of time i have used food and masturbation to porn as my "self-medicines" of choice.

it has been almost 62 weeks since i last rented porn but, i browsed at a porn shop just yesterday. i honestly do not know how much longer i can go without renting porn videotapes. it truly is an emotional struggle with/for me. living without the use of my self-meds is a huge challenge and really painful.

this is a good place to share your struggles. you will find caring men here who often are dealing with the same issues that you are. i have been coming here for some months now and am truly glad this site exists.

good luck with your struggles men and remember that we always have a choice. we do not have to repeat any old behavior from our past. it is always up to us. sincerely,

bec \:\)