today was a very bad day for him his night mares are getting worse and no one seems to care about it. he tells them that he is having a hard time with it and they just tell him to take a vistaril. they dont evenask him what they are about . he want to die today...said if he was out he would have tried to , thye do not provide individual councling just classes like how to deal with depression in the modern world and all it does is descuse the scientific reasons of depression and his other class is how to control impulses. they dont even have him in a support group of anykind. there is one and he tries to go when they have it anyway, but so far just the 2 classes is all they want him to go to and the rest of the day is just sitting around watching the other patients.

also i wanted to let you know that i do not look at anyother posts or messages that is not posted under the ones i post i dont want anyone to feel like i am intruding. i just want to let you guys know whats going on.

thanks again

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