Got really lucky, found what looks like a great place. No more mothers or stepfathers, no more herion in the kitchen cabinet, just going to buy my share of the computer off of my friend, pack up my stuff and leave man.

I am kindve amazed at how little I have to leave behind. I have practicly nothing. Just a lot of books, a tv, stereo, couple of bookcases, some clothes and bedding, and a really bad scene. Fuck this place, im not going to miss it at all. Fuck my stoner friends who sit on thier asses all day, fuck my mother, fuck Ron, her drunk ass boyfriend, fuck my convict father, fuck my hopelessly frail grandmother, i dont need any of them. I hope that isnt too graphic for anybody, but it felt good. The only thing i need out of my mom is her signiture for the car. Ill even let her pay for the damn tags and the smog check. Shes getting paid too, so i think i'll hit her up for some money.

I just hope i withdrew my money from my bank account before the government checks to see if giving me my check would push it over the 2000 dollar limit. If i was too late they will only give me up to whatevers left up to 2000. Heartless basterds man, they bleed the disabled.

At any rate, i dont have to be in fear anymore. Im free from my prison here. All i have to do now is escape from the one in my head. Thanks for being there, i'll try to get online if i can afford it. Maybe late at night, cause from what i hear everybody turns in early there. Hope to come back soon.