went to go see him yesterday(sat) and he was tripping out...he got into 2 confrontations with other patents. one was to protect a woman from an verbal assult from a guy and the other was a woman said she wanted to set him up with some guy, so he went off on her. he was very agitated all day, they finaly gave him a shot of haldol after i talked to one of the aids and told him to talk to the nurse with a fallow up call from me. he was able to sleep and not have nightmares for the 1st time in weeks. he was doing better today, but then he was wired cause he was able to sleep last night and slept most of today. he hasnt written anymore poetry due to the fact that he cant concentrate (spelling) cause of his meds. he is takeing like 4 different kinds and say he is bipolor"2". and that yesterday he was in a manic state. just wanted to let you all know....and thank you again for all the prayers.

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