In that case I am a whore also or as I would be known in the UK as a bike if I was fenale. I apologize to any females that may read this.

I was homeless, I had big problems at home with my parents apprently I was emotionally starved as a youngster and saw myself as a waste of space.

I would sleep with anyone of either sex for a bed, for a bath, something to eat and If they got me drunk they could do anything they liked.
I was raped twice whilst very very drunk. I was fourteen years of age. I was still exchenging my body for booze at the age of thirty five plus.

Sorry to disappoint you. But look on the bright side you have someone who can identify with you all the way down the line.

Sorry you had to find this place but I'm pleased that you have, stay close and ask lots of questions, believe me it helps.

"And all that was left was hope"

My Story (Triggers)