Hey all just wanted to give you an up date on joker. He seems to be doing ok, but there is 3 lady there that are driving him crazy. they never shut up and are alsways yelling and screaming. The whole family went up to visit him today and we had to ask for a place to visit away from this one lady cause she as so loud and he was ready to strangle her.....lol so they put us in a private room, they forgot we was there and we got an extra 45min of visit time. he is worried and scared and nervous. he finaly started to eat again. they are changing his meds again in hope to help him sleep at night. the nightmares are just to much for him at times. they have him in several classes to help him learn coping skills from dealing with depression in the outside world to anger management and others. unfortionately where he is at now is about an hour away from where we live and we wont be able to visit him much \:\( which will drive me nuts.
he wanted me to tell everyone thank you for your comments and prayers and gardian angels, (i printed of a copy of the messages for him to read) and he is keeping all of you in his prayers as well as i am too. he misses talking to you all and cant wait to get home to talk to you again.
thanks again everyone!!!!!! :p

here is something i heard and love and wanted to share it with you.

I know God will never give me more than i can handle,........but does he have to have so much faith in me???????

makes you wonder at times doesnt it....lol

I have more issues than Rolling Stone!