My $0.02 on meds used to be NEVER DAMMIT !!! and it has softened greatly over the past several years. I think I was tagged by media as much as my learned distrust of everyone, and therefore anyone that would suggest meds to solve a problem. I've lost a lot of time due to my multitude of intolerances and today I am not medicated, but I do now nurture myself by pursuing professional help with my aches and pains ( Spiritual, Emotional, and physical ). As a testimony, of sorts, a dear friend of mine, and fellow CSA/Incest survivor, recently acquiesced to a diagnosis of Bi-Polar and went on meds... He has commented that had he done this 9years ago when he was first diagnosed he would be far better off today. Sure, shop around and do not blindly accept being medicated; however, boldly repelling a recommendation can be as damaging.

As for other ways of dealing with issues I have found benefit is group therapy -- this time last year I was in a group for CSA/Incest survivors (all men) --. In addition I have 2 12-step groups that I qualify for and attend regular meeting for, I also see a therapist regularly. My physical well being is cared for on my daily walks, and activities with my family. As the AAs have been saying for years "act yourself into right thinking". For me taking the actions of nurturing my body, mind, and soul keep moving me to better places of being. Whatever the path you take in each of these 3 principal parts of your being apply action to them and the rewards will always be there for you.

Love always, Wes



I struggle with how to address you. your posts take me to a very dark place in my live experience. I spent the mid 1990's as an intolerant Evangelical Zealot and those who did not agree with me were at best Godless heathens --essentially dead to me--. this phase delayed my recovery and healing by a decade; I say this due to my separating from people and organizations I was connected with, one of which clearly provided they impetus that started my recovery and healing.

When I read your posts they trigger me. The tone, the phrasing, and the content ring of me in the mid 1990's and I have a hard time thinking of you in loving and caring ways. This now brings me to knowing the I must turn to the God of my understanding to ask for the forgiveness that I need for the anger and hatred I have for myself due to my behaviour and attitude during those years. I also pray for the forgiveness that I need for the anger I feel toward you.

Thx for triggering me this way, I already feel better. Wes

Happy to be a recovering survivor. :-)

Continuing to meet more of my fellows as I "Trudge the Road of Happy Destiny".

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