Wonderful heart warming post.

I know on just how that GI dad felt when his boy jumped into his arms.

In my years in the Air Force (but after I came "home" from Vietnam), I had gotten married and had an Air Force brat for a son. When ever I came home from a TDY (temporary duty) from where ever, he was always there at the terminal to greet me, and the same went for the other dads.

When I see them coming home now and I see the same thing a boy and his dad unconditional love, and joy. It brings a sigh of relief and a tear to my eyes.

But, I have also seen where dad wasn't alive anymore, and at the military funeral his SON was presented with his burial flag, again unconditional love, forever into eternity.

Freedom isn't free.
Heal well my brothers/friends.
Pete (Irishmoose)

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