This is an email sent to me by a man who has taken years to speak and has now decided to go to the Police. You really could not make this up.

Since my last email I have had to chase the police several times, and am no further forward as to giving a statement!! I really feel that there is either some conspiracy or complete lack of will on their side. After my last conversation with a B***** A***(child protection officer in (name of town)) she was unsure about the possibility of proceeding as the place has already undergone a serious investigation !! I replied that my issues were not with the place but with the individuals whom had abused me! She then stated that she was unsure if the C.P.S. (Crown Prosecution)would proceed with another prosecution. I rebutted her by stating that it was highly unlikely that any decision could be made without a statement being taken. I was then brushed off with excuses of staff shortages as well as current abuse investigations. I don't know what to say other than being bloody gobsmacked!!! This has made me even more bloody determined to deal with this. I have been assured that the police will contact me early next week ( without being too sceptical I really feel that they want this headache to just disappear). I am incensed that the police seem so disinterested.

Abuse, get away with it for years, then when a survivor wants to come forward - the Police assist the perpetrator by refusing to take a statement becasue they think the CPS might not prosecute!


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