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I found and read much of a recent US Dept of Justice study of campus sexual assault. It's disturbing how male victimization is ignored or minimized in the study.

It seems to me that the DoJ takes great pains to emphasize that it is NOT a DoJ study; the front page indicates that it is only a report, written by some people who used a DoJ grant but were not DoJ employees or consultants. That's an important point.

But yes, I agree with you about the subject matter. Different subheadings divide victims into groups such as age, race, and sorority membership, but "sex" is noticeably missing. Also, the entire report consistently refers to perpetrators as "he" and victims as "she"; I havent' noticed a single instance where this is different. The report is unabashedly biased.

Children cannot consent; they can only comply.

Oprah's resources for male survivors