Well the Boys and Girls Clubs are pretty much meat & potatos stuff. Old fashioned tried and tested methods like the Boy Scouts of America. From what I saw touring the local facility it's almost corny. No New Age stuff,no experimentation,no whacko stuff. There are no doors in the facility. All rooms are open to viewing. There's no way to stop pedos if they don't have a rap sheet,no priors. If I were the Director of such a facility I'd watch the kids. If there's sexual interaction between staff and children it'll be reflected in the kids' behavior. I'm astounded that my school teachers did'nt pick up on in 1961 my first year of high school that something extraordinary was happening to me. For gawdsakes it was only OBVIOUS..!! That kind of behavior today would draw instant attention. At least I hope it would. There are probably other people that post here who've had the same experience. You wonder why the adults just stood there acting like braindead dumbshits while you're screaming "Hey guys,I'm getting fucked here. Hello? Anyone listening?"