I found this business referral site and their listing for Mic Hunter in St. Paul, MN. I posted a comment there that I thought that everyone might enjoy. Like the Anchorage Daily News I was limited to 1000 characters in my response.


This is the text of my response there:

When I first read ABUSED BOYS early in my recovery my lifetime of struggle suddenly made sense. The first 100 pages covered in great detail many of my issues. It was really comforting to finally know that I wasn't alone. This book gave me the hope that I could survive, find my freedom, and indeed prosper.

I was a bit lucky in that I found two experienced therapists in the late 1980s at Cleveland State University in the student counseling office there, as well as an experienced therapist and Wings, a survivor support organization in Lakewood, CO in 1996. At that time I still struggled with my addictions, and in 1996 I made my first trip to Hazelden.

I was a patient of Mic Hunter after my 2nd trip to Hazelden in late 1997. He was highly experienced and was able to build upon my earlier therapy and send me in the right direction. These last 10 years have been the best years of my life and I am free of my past and my addictions. For help call Mic Hunter or try www.malesurvivor.org



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