Hello, I am completely new to this sight. I am member of SAA. Call me Tim.

I had something happen yesterday that I could use some strength and hope on. I passed a person on the street who looked like someone who I now consider as an abuser. (For 15 years I considered it as a consenting exchange of drugs for sex. In the last year I have had to reevaluate that, I was 17 he at least 7 or 8 years older and a former sports coach.) Anyways my initial thought was to say "hey, are you so-and-so?" and then just punch him in the head. Later I started thinking no wait, he's sick, I should be comapassionate, he's probably suffering too. However, I still need a little room to process this, no compassion yet. Now I am wondering how I should approach this person if I see him again, I realize punching him would probably not be in my best interest. (Part of me is also afraid of some kind of retaliation later.)

Have any of you dealt with a situation like this before? I would like to be prepared in case I do see this person again. I am thinking of saying something like "you know that was wrong, I consider you a child molester, I hope you have found help for that, you are sick, I am very angry about that situation, you took advantage of me, although I am not going to I would like to punch you, do not ever try to contact me."

Any input or suggestions?