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I was interviewed for a feature on WLIW21, the Long Island PBS station that is broadcast on Channel 21 on many cable stations in New York City.

The feature is part of the Healthy Minds series. Its title is Recovering from Abuse, and it features the personal story of NY1 journalist Dominic Carter's personal story as well as discussions of treatment; healing; the importance of education and community awareness of child abuse and neglect; and how to recognize the physical and behavioral indicators.

It will be broadcast this Sunday, January 11, at 9:30 am and repeated a week later on Tuesday, January 20th, at 10:30 pm.

This is really good. It will help us all. Thank you.

Periodically I hear a broadcast on National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation which I would like to respond to in behalf of CSA survivors. But my voice shakes when I do something like that and it would be better if somebody else could do it. Who out there has a steady voice under pressure?


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