I don't know if anyone is still reading/ accessing this thread or not, but it is an important thing for me right now. I too have compulsively masturbated, a lot. But I do feel that God, while having given us this method to perhaps reduce our sin by not involving others. Still sees M as a sin. As mentioned often by others God is forgiving and will forgive us all. But I wonder how someone would rationalize Pauls 1st letter to the Corinthians about not using your body for immoral purposes because your body is not your own it has been purchased at a price. ( just off of the top of my head sorry I didn't look it up). And yes I am Catholic. The other thing people are forgetting is God gives grace to follow his ways, but not unless you ask for it. I have read this entire thread because I had a very interesting breakthrough last Fri in therapy. I suddenly realized that pretty much all of my sexual relationships, including the one with myself have been heavily influenced by one of my two molesters ( one each a woman/ Aunt and a guy in the army, one when I was seven and one when I was nineteen). I have masturbated a lot as I said and the most intense is always relating a fantasy to the abuse. I came away from that t session feeling something I hadn't felt in a long time... hope. I had given up on ever finding someone to love. Because I had decided that everyone, absolutely everyone is a scoundrel. But now I realize that it isn't that everyone is a scoundrel. Its just that I have been looking for scoundrels to try to fix something that happened in the past. Something that can never be fixed. But maybe now I can quit trying to fix it and try to find someone who isn't a scoundrel to try to build something meaningful with. Sorry this is so long and maybe no one will ever read it. Maybe I'm even writing it for myself to help me clear my head? I suppose I should have just used my journal. But its really nice to have a place like this with people who, unfortunately, have had the same type of things happen to them. I am beginning to feel like this is one place where I can really be me ( if I can figure out who that is). Thanks .