Alan (Hauser) sent me this link by private email today and this now makes my 2nd public response in public media on this subject. Thank-you so much Alan for sending me the link.

My response in the newspaper there is under the penname TruckerMark. It's text is below, and was limited to 1000 characters by the newspaper's policy.

The sexual victimization of boys, and drug or alcohol abuse and suicide amongst its many victims is a difficult subject, but not a new one. Here in the Lower 48 there has been increasing awareness of this subject over some years now, and there are some resources available to survivors. Two well-written books on the subject authored by pioneering therapists were written almost 20 years ago. ABUSED BOYS was written by Dr. Mic Hunter out of St. Paul, MN, and VICTIMS NO LONGER was written by well known therapist Mike Lew. In addition there is a recognized survivor support site at:, which is run by survivors, for survivors. One incorrect point that Elise makes is in her assertion that boys are less likely to be victimized in their teenage years. Studies have shown that teenage victims are more likely to suffer violent sexual assaults than are younger victims. Otherwise Elise's writing is an important reminder of a sensitive subject with far too victims.

Oops, I posted it twice, for extra effect!!! I'm on page one of three pages of reader's responses.

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