okay, so we all are going to die, but you know what i mean. and before i announce what i am talking about, let me just say, that as suprising and confusing as this may sound, i am actually okay with this so far, and am not bothered or depressed.

now, i have recently found out, that, there si a possibility that i have a brain tumor. not many tests have been run, but they will be in due time. i have regular doctors appointment on the 19th of this month, January, and they will recommend me to a neurologist, where i will "find out" what is wrong with me.

the reason i am going about it like this, is, i went to the ER for migraine that caused me to not even be able to wear clothes without having a body-wide pain. my parents didn't know. i didn't want them to find out this way that i had a brain tumor, my parents have had a lot going on with their own health, and then we just moved for the first time since they've been married, 28 years ago, and i just didn't feel that this was how they should find out. and just in case the ER doctors were wrong, i didn't want them to be led on in this scheme, and then be "disappointed", if you will. anyway, just thought i would let everyone know what is going on with me.


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