I figure a trigger warning is self-explanatory if you read the link. It's a recent CNN video with commentators discussing this story and their opinions. Comments anyone?

22-year-old allegedly molested 4-year-old boy before shooting his mother in front of him

He told the authorities that "He's sorry".

Local story here:


20 Charges Filed Against Charlie Myers
Tuesday, January 6, 2009 9:03 PM
By Denise Alex

DAYTON The Montgomery County Prosecutors Office filed 20 charges against 22-year-old Charlie Myers in the death of Jenny Nelson and the kidnapping of her four-year-old son.

The charges range from robbery, burglary, and theft to kidnapping and gross sexual imposition.

Columbus police found Myers' bloody underwear and sex toys at Myers home near Ohio State's Columbus campus.

Franklin County prosecutor Ron O'Brien said this case is eligible for the death penalty.

"(It) Appears to be a serious and violent, senseless act of violence that was tied to the theft of the auto originally," O'Brien said.

Charlie Myers remains in a Columbus jail and is expected to be taken to a Dayton jail as early as Wednesday.