Hey brothers, happy new year :-)

I must read this in it's entirety... I'll just blindly fall in where it sits on this page :-)

I keep seeing this darned "Sin" word... such a nice media sound-byte term... lets use transgression or trespasses, these feel more personal to me and when the terms are personal they are real, and in the here and now... Heck I can distance myself from sin far easier than I can from transgression and trespassing.

That said... for me masturbation is fought with danger and is a real threat for damaging my spirit/soul. The post renaissance 'cut and dried' good/bad delineation of acts as black/white, good/bad does not mesh with my understanding of God and Spirit. As I continue experience my spiritual self I am finding that there is not a cut and dried good or bad in general life events. My acting out with food/work/sex have all been aberrant behaviours which damaged my mind, body and spirit. Just like the aberrant behaviour that was meted out on me by my abusers. The spirit of any act is what I see as the arbiter of it's nature. Masturbation can be nurturing and it can be damaging. For me masturbation has never been about nurture it has been about disconnecting and hiding it has burned at my soul due to the spirit behind it; rooted in my abuse experiences. My other addictions work, food and cigarettes were escapes and when I get honest they were slow release suicide attempts.

Your Brother, Wes

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Happy to be a recovering survivor. :-)

Continuing to meet more of my fellows as I "Trudge the Road of Happy Destiny".

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