I have similar problems with gay porn

I've mentioned before, i began to watch it when i was 14 and until the age of 22 i led a double masturbatory life: if i got off over still images it was always women, if i got off over porn it was always gay porn, if i got off over a celebrity on TV it was always women

After 8 years of this i had a complete breakdown about my sexuality. This led to an absolute obsession with watching gay porn or looking at pictures of naked men for hours on end to check my reactions. If i got aroused, i was gay. If i didn't, i was straight etc. It damaged my health and my social skills, and i had to leave my job over it. And sometimes, yes, when my self esteem was low i would masturbate over the images or the porn

I think the best thing to do is get a porn blocker on your PC, there's a very good one called K9 where you can type words in so you can't search for them anymore aswell, as these learned behaviours get easier to stop over time