Many of these people were religious people (Christian or Jewish) who fought or are continuing to fight against religious bigotry in the English-speaking world. I would like to add others from other countries, for example, Spain, where gay people can marry now.

Here is my list of twelve. A number of these people I have known, some well:

Troy D. Perry, founder Metropolitan Community Churches (1968).

Lee Carlton, pastor and founder of many MCC Churches.

Thomas A. Gashlin, who succesfully spearheaded the fight against the Florida chapter of the American Family Association's campaign, which began in N. Florida (1992), despite death threats, anti-gay protesters, and repeated vandalism to his office and church.

Michael Piazza - Pastor of the largest mostly gay congregation in the world, the Cathedral of Hope in Dallas, TX.

Bishop John Shelby Spong, Episcopal Bishop who wrote several thoughful, scholarly books on gay people and religion.

John Boswell, Yale scholar who discovered rites used in the Catholic church up until the Middle Ages, which were same-sex commitment services.

Joe Kort - Gay Jewish therapist who wrote several books for gay men to help us overcome internalized homophobia.

Stuart Altschuler - Gay Jewish therapist who works to help gay men overcome their internalized homophobia, and to help others who were sexually abused as children to overcome this trauma.

The Right Reverend Thomas Bigelow, MCC pastor who returned to the Episcopal church to give an example of grace to a mostly blue-collar congregation in Seattle, WA.

Dr. Jerry Stephenson, who left the Southern Baptist Church ministry to work for the emotional freedom of people abused by the oppressive message of fundamentalist Christianity.

Rabbi Steven Greenberg, the author of Wrestling With God & Men: Homosexuality in the Jewish Tradition, the first openly gay Orthodox Rabbi.

Brad Gooch - Author of Dating the Greek Gods : Empowering Spiritual Messages on Sex and Love, Creativity and Wisdom.


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