thanks guys! i appreciate the participation. it looks like this thread is going to be mostly a personal one, so i will continue to add names, since i promised myself to begin to 'see gay role models' from now on. heck, we need all the validation we can get.

joe kort is on facebook

new names to add: openly gay politician in the house of representatives:

  • jared polis [d-col]
  • tammy baldwin [d-wis]
  • barney frank [d-mass]
  • gerry studds [d-mass]
  • steve gunderson [r-wis]
  • jim kolbe [r-ariz]

see more here

i believe as struggling malesurvivors it is important to acknowledge those representatives of the glbt community who are working on our behalf to lessen the climate of homophobia, making this country a safer place to be. will their work lessen the incidences of sexual violence against males? i dunno, but it can't make it worse than it already is, can it?

Ron Schulz, MSPC, NCC