hi all! i wanted to create a reference list for us to remind us that the gift of our particular orientation should be celebrated with respect; that there are many people of glbt orientation who have impacted us positively, whose efforts in the face of discrimination have empowered us to become more embracing of our true natures, and contributed to creating the social context where that is possible, now more than ever.

here is a list of people that immediately come to mind a positive role glbt models for me:

Roberta Dunn, MCC Pastor
Mel White
Harvey Milk
Joe Solmonese, HRC President
Dan Savage, activist
Alvin Ailey, choreographer
Toby Johnson, author and publisher
Andrew Sullivan, author and activist
Jane Addams, social reformer and nobel prize winner
Christine Jorgensen

can you add some of your own?

Ron Schulz, MSPC, NCC