I agree parts of the article are spot on and parts are not. I know if you look at the Kelsey Peterson case you can see how the offender portrays the 12 year old boy as being an adult male, tries to apply adult standards of behavior, relationships, and maturity to him, and then is critical of him for not meeting those standards (after she was caught of course) and begins to call and portray herself as being abused by him.

There are many variables in these cases and each case may have some similarities to others but every case is also unique with a set unique factors.

As for me I find the gender bias in how female offenders are sometimes viewed and portrayed disturbing. There is, to me, very little overall differences in why male and female teachers abuse their students though it seems to me that it is some times viewed differently.

I just blogged about two recent cases in which the judges, to me, displayed very poor judgement and lack of education about female offenders and male survivors. In one the special education teacher, 34, was convicted of sexually abusing a 16 year old borderline mentally retarded student. She faced up to 30 years in prison and the sentencing guidelines called for at least 11 years. The judge called this a "unique case" and said the boy was probably the more mature and less vulnerable of the two. He said it was his opinion that the boy possibly initiated the sexual encounters.

Sorry for the tangent. If anyone is interested I have that case and various other information on my blog http://whataboutwhenmomistheabuser.blogspot.com/