dear friend,

my name is nestor and I have experienced these things before. Years ago, I was suffering knightmares almost every night and I would refuse to go to sleep. However, I started reading the bible and the knigtmares of my past sexual abuse became worse as I started seeing demons and devils. however, i noticed that the past sexual abuse memories of my dreams stopped. I had another big problem but noticed a change when I started reading the bible. therefore, i grabbed onto the bible as my hope and glory for overcoming this problem. furthermore, i went to my brother and asked him why i was dreaming of satan including his demons. I was so afraid in my dreams, i remember running away and waking up in complete fear but hopeful to know my god was my defense. I asked my brother what i should do about seeing satan and his demons because it still terrified me. he told me someting i'll never forget. he said, 'before you go to bed, say, "get behind me satan, i rebuke in the name of jesus christ, by the blood of jesus christ" and i went to bed that night crying to jesus how much i needed him. it wasn't a night later that i saw demons chasing me in my dreams again. however, this time, i had a new faith and spirit with jesus christ. I remember the beautiful moment, when i said to myself, "i'm tired of running" and i stopped running. turned around and faced the demons and started running towards them to defend myself. i woke up screaming but with joy. I never felt uplifted in my life before. i decided and knew that the word of god through jesus christ was my sword. i started reading the bible each night more and more. i eventually read the bible and before i knew it, i faced satan himself in my dreams. i've told him to get out of my house, casted out his demons with jesus christ's spirit. and since then, i can say that despite having knigtmares, i no longer run, i no longer die in my dreams anymore. i tell demons in my dream that i can't be killed, i'm with jesus christ. i've told them that i've been trained by jesus christ and they have stepped away in fear themselves. i've talked to god in my dreams and shared the most beautiful visions by just saying the name of jesus. i still have knightmares from time to time, but i simply say jesus, cast him out for me. remember, jesus is the only one satan is afraid of. dont give up the good fight, just know who your fight is with and who is defending. with jesus my friend, i now have better nights and long lasting sleep by just resting in his peace.

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