Hello friends,
I have not posted here in a long time and just recently returned to chat. I was looking way back at some poetry (well I call it that) that I had written long ago. It was so rewarding for me to see that yes! we can slowly heal. For me it is a slow process and it is up and down. Sometimes I feel as if I am being dragged behind a ski boat by the rope with no skis. I go under and at the last moment of breath surface and gulp air and go back down again. That for me has been my recovery path. I firmly belive my spiritual space today has been of tremendous value to my recovery. I write this evening in a mild space. Tomorrow may not be but for now I wish you all the best and we together shall survive and heal!
This is a poem I once wrote

I drift these days…
Sometimes here,
Often gone.
But where?
The place where all is fine.
With nothing to feel
With no one to hurt me.
That place of comfort..emptiness…
Why do I hurt so easy?
Why do others seem so strong?
I put myself at their mercy.
I never stay to see…I flee.
I have learned my lessons well.
Mostly I want to be done…
Done with pain.
Done with sorrow.
My little spark to stay
Sometimes grows weak.
It leaves no choice.
A wisp of peace fans the spark..
and I return once again