Howdy, to you all on such a hairy topic in life. har har. Now this is from an (Irish Moose), Ever see a bald moose?, ok so far? Well I am as bald as an 8 ball, but I have the heaviest crop of dark hairs growing out from my ears, inside & outside, now one of the problems that I also have is that I have to wear 2 hearing aids, the ones that stick in your ears. Now years ago I was supposed to amem.. pull or pluck (your choice) them out, what ME? Macho man? Hell I couldn't stand the pain, (so much for MACHO man). And my wife who is a very frequent tweezers user just laughs at me, for being such a sissy. But at my last visit to Texas and the veterans affairs clinic for some work on my 'aids the audiologist trimmed my hairs with a (sort of) ball pen type razor, did a great job, and she told MACHO man just where to buy them. So the moral of this particullar post is, "if you want to hear real good with hearing aids, get those damn hairs out of the way" it makes for a better seal. So another of those HAIRY posts or a hair raising post by an (Irish Moose). Heal well my friends/brothers.
Pete (Irishmoose)

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