Hi All,

I'm hoping that Im allowed to post here because I'm a wife of a CSA man.

I had a quick search on the site regarding ADD/ADHD because I'm interested to know if anybody on this site has any experience in this area.

I will just give a brief history so you know where Im coming from.

My husband has experienced mental health problems since teenage years, he's now in his thirties, 2 years ago he had a mental breakdown forcing foward CSA issues which had always influenced him. He embarked on therapy and made major changes, we naively hoped that there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Recently he has stopped therapy, a decision approved by this therapist, he felt that although he was still experiencing problems he wasn't acheieving anything in therapy so it was agreed to take an open ended break.

Since then due to other events its been suggested that my husband may suffer from ADD, the more we read the more it fits with his lifestory, although I have to admit that many of the symptoms overlap with those of CSA as many mental health problems do, he's been refered to a specialist which he is waiting to see, we are both finding this very difficult to handle, I don't want to sound like we are minimising the effects of CSA but we both felt like it was potentially overcomable, now though we feel as though, well this is it forever, the forgetfulness, disociation, emotional detachment.

He's taken a dive in his wellbeing because he can't handle being who he is, frustrated about his own behaviours and once again I've got to hold it together for us all,

Any experience that you have about ADD/ADHD and possible interations with CSA are much appreciated.


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