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And lastly, court ordered therapy is not at all the same thing as someone seeking out help of their own volition because they recognize that they have a problem and sincerely wish to resolve it.

You'll get no disagreement with me there. I don't like court-ordered treatment because the person could just be going through the motions. I also don't like it because it's probably applied in instances where it shouldn't be or used as a means just getting a person to plead guilty.

I don't support aversion therapy at all. I don't like the idea of forcing someone to associate bad things with their sexuality, sexual impulses or with who they are. It's little more than thinly veiled emotional and sexual abuse. However, it also works, and since the goal is to prevent people from re-offending and no one particularly cares whether sex offenders are harmed in the process, it might as well be applied.

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