There is a possibility that this kid has been pyschially or sexually abused. I know a fellow survivor with pyschal / sexual abuse history who has contacted the boys attorney to be a witness in the case if necessary. Right now we may have to wait but I wanted to pass along this note from my friend (non-ms member) so that you will be aware and in the future maybe you can help to keep this boy alive. They have charged him as an adult and he could possibly face the death penalty

" I have been in touch with the Atty defending the 8yo boy in AZ whom reportedly murdered his father and his father's friend. He is under a gag-order but he could listen to what I and WE can possibly offer.

Here's a chance for us to reach out to an 8 yo boy and pull him from a possible death sentence and a life of hell. He clearly (IMO) was defending himself from some sort of abuse. I have offered support in the following way:

1) Parallel-situation witness
2) Funding
3) My network (you guys and or professionals)
4) Whatever else we can think of.

So here it is guys. Are we willing to step up? I dont mean to put anyone on the spot. I just want to open a form where we can discuss ideas of support. I think we have a lot to offer....even if its just money, even if its just our stories or testimonies."

8-Year-Old Arizona Boy Kills Father Police Investigating Possible Abuse As Motive

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