Duncan, none of this was your fault. Rape is Rape. You are not at fault. Your life has meaning. You are young and have so much to live for. My wife and I are so pissed at your story. My HIV is my fault but you did not go looking for trouble. Don't let those bastards who raped you win. Start screaming about your story from the highest hill. You have a right. You need to keep living and that means coming to terms with your drugs. They can be managed. If you got Diabetes would you want to stop taking the insulin. The drugs can be harsh but there are lots of different ones. ONCE a day vitamins are taken once a day . Atripla is taken once a day. You can take it with you morning vitamin. You have been dealt a shitty hand, but you can still win. We want to come over there and kick your ass and show you there are lots of people who care about you. We do not know you but we care about you. Your life is worth living. You can outlive those bums that gave it to you. I wish I could be there with you during your nightmares. the doctors visits the times when you tell your story to friends and family. No one shuld go through this alone. I would like to be there with you. We care. We ALL care. Grab the life line thrown to you. Your are worth it. Bless you Duncan

Thankful Wor Kirkridge Alumni Oct 2008