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When I'm training the police, social services, etc I argue the same thing too, and answer some of the stupid comments that i get with these.....

"If those who were abused, go onto sexually abuse, does that include all the female survivors out there, with children?"

If that is so, before too long the whole world will have abused!

"Does that mean that men, who were sexually abused as children, by female abusers, will turn into female abusers?"

"Does it mean that male survivors of sexual abuse, carried out be females, become lesbian?"

The logic used is misguided and when they have to answer those types of replies, i see small lights going on, and some form of change taking place

A hard battle, but worth fighting


One abuser who is persistent, without being found, can cause millions in damage, not withstanding the huge mental burden on all those young minds.

I have read so many times, when men have disclosed to authorities, only to be seen as, "somewhat, at fault"!
Hold on a moment!....
Who's fault is it?....

This is the fight. The fight to clear the mythology and taboo
of abuse, and awaken even the most stubborn minds, into the
real World,