I'm new here but not new to the treatment that this site seems to offer. I'm glad that sites like this are in place first of all and I hope that I don't seem haughty when I say that I applaud the every effort of everyone here that is dedicated to helping people in need.

I wont go into detail right now but I will say that I went through several residential treatment facilities for what was done to me (and what I nearly did to others) and the last place that I went to is called the El Pueblo Boys & Girls Ranch. It was this last place that I went to that offered me either a last chance or to offer me a part in getting better and being a positive role model to my peers. Luckily I choose to be a positive role model and to this day I thank everyone that made it possible for me to be alive today and living a mostly normal life.

My problem comes now however when my X-Boy friend met up with some guy on the internet. I naturally still care about my x and so I started to find out things about him.

He seemed cool at first but them he started to talk about how he gets so turned on that he every now and then has sex with a 9 year old boy...I all of a sudden saw gigantic red flags going up every where as my x boyfriend is to meet this guy (this guy is 19 and my x is 18). But the thing that worried me most is that for a short time...his deviant talk led me into some dark fantasies that made me break down and cry for what I had purposly looked up on the internet.

I shouldn't get into details with anyone here but trust me when I say that the things I looked up was horrible. What I was taught at the boys and girls ranch was empathy above all else. For 3 and a half years of intense treatment I learned and became confident and then graduate from there with flying colors. That day was a true happy day for me, in fact I can't recall any other day of my life that was so happy.

The problem I face now is my x boyfriend and I still hang out and we still hug each other and I really still love him and care for him...but I'm worried that if this guy comes down he might drag my x down with him.

Is there something I can do to help stop bad things from happening besides the obvious? I know that what I've been taught and learned is good but I'd like some more help here and as much as possible. Thank you very much.