When bad things happen in the world, you really only have two options, let it drag you down or move past it. Its horrible that attrocities are happening everyday, people are in living hells all over, but you cant suffer for them. All you can do is have empathy, and help them any way you can. If you waste all your energy feeling bad about it, you'll be of no help to anyone, including yourself.

As for sexual abuse, its the same. If you keep trying things will change, as long as you dont give up. Dont think about failing and you can't fail. Its hard to remember its a choice to keep going. If other people can make it through, then you can too. Even if other people hadnt made it through, then you wouldnt know you personally couldnt unless you tried.

If you want things to get better, you have to become a force for change. I try and aspire to an ideal version of myself, knowing i will never meet it exactely, its trying thats important. If individuals do their part and try to be the best they can be, then things change.

Who decides what is possible? We dont know if somethings possible until it happens. We have no guarantees that gravity will be here tommorow, but it probably will be. As long as you keep trying the possibility for change is there in your mind.

Hang on to the things that are good in your life. The taste of good food, feeling the sun on your skin, just try to cherish what you have. It sounds corny, but its how you get you get out of depression. It doesnt mean much of anything when your down, but it helps when you try and get back up again.

Thats all i can really tell you or do for you or anybody else right now is give advice like this, its not much, but its something.