Glad to see you took this out into the light.

I'm with Steve this is worth pursuing.

These misconceptions are partly due to the limitations of "sound bites" and "headlines" in media and popular culture. I lived with a load of fear due to the misinformation in pop culture that the 1st question Steve quotes is based on. Once my children were born I was terrified that I would abuse them; because I had "learned" through media that having been abused I was bound to abuse in kind. Which I now know is a load of crap, and am no longer terrified of abusing my children or anyone else.

The more we speak out and identify truth the less misinformation there will be. MS is a Bastian of truth and support for survivors as well as a promoter of truth to media (the O mag articles in Oct 2008), As we recover and heal I believe we begin to carry the message of CSA survivorship and each one of us is a voice of truth to the world.

Blessings, Wes

~~~ Borrowing from one of my favourite Peter Gabriel songs:

You can blow out a candle
But you can't blow out a fire
Once the flames begin to catch
The wind will blow it higher

~~~ let's take our candles and get the flames to catch :-)

Happy to be a recovering survivor. :-)

Continuing to meet more of my fellows as I "Trudge the Road of Happy Destiny".

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